Majura Valley Honey

Majura Valley Honey is produced in the heart of Canberra on the property Cherryburn. Purchase pure beeswax candles or all-natural honey at selected retailers or direct from the website.

Mount Majura Gold

Mount Majura Gold are hives located on Mount Majura with a wide range of forbes, eucalypts and wattles for bees to feed. The hives are located in the native pasture close to a rain-fed dam. The bees have easy access to clean, clear water all year round and can forage on the native flora – a wide range of forbes, eucalypts and wattles. This unspoilt and varied landscape provides the bees with different feeding opportunities throughout the year.

Mount Majura Gold use Langstroth hives and harvest conservatively, ensuring plenty of honey remains in the hives to see the bees through winter. The triple filtered honey is clear and golden with a flowery taste but not too sweet.


The Naked Cubby

On the foothills of Mount Majura, you can hide away in a lavish bell tent or tiny house designed to be cubbies; small and secluded places on Canberra’s doorstep.

Naked Cubby Collective is about stripping back, both literally and figuratively.

Offering camping with the bare necessities, including a bed, books and boardgames, the one night stays are a chance to leave it all behind and unwind.

Reconnect with a friend over a glass of wine or lie outside on the deck and stargaze from the top of the vineyard.


SolarShare is a community solar farm co-owned by members of the nearby community. Investors in the solar farm have a closer relationship with local energy, the environment and the community while choosing a sustainable investment with a financial return.

Mount Majura Solar Farm

Sentient Impact Group is an impact investment funds manager launched in 2021 and manages six utility-scale solar farms in Victoria, WA, the ACT and Queensland through two closed-end funds. Sentient plans to launch new funds across the strategic areas of focus of Reducing Climate Emissions, Valuing Nature and Biodiversity and Supporting Equality and Quality of Life. The management team and fund directors comprise some of Australia’s most experienced leaders in the renewables industry.

Sentient proudly contributes to the Majura Valley’s vision of caring for the country and a sustainable future for the region through renewable energy supply. Sentient owns and operates Mt Majura Solar Farm located in the Majura Valley. Mt Majura Solar Farm contributes to the ACT’s 100% renewable energy target by supplying 4,300 MWh/year of solar energy, equating to electricity for 615 homes. The solar farm hosts community activities such as beekeeping and educational visits for student electricians.

The Truffle Farm

The Truffle Farm Canberra is the only commercial truffle farm in the world in a capital city. The farm is an easy 15 minute drive from both the city centre and Canberra International Airport.

Based in the picturesque Majura Valley, surrounded by an oak tree forest and overlooking the trellised vines of Mount Majura Winery, The Truffle Farm invites visitors to experience the rare and delicious black truffle.

Taste inspired local food infused with the distinct and exquisite flavours of fresh truffles straight from the ground or join the excitement of a truffle hunt during the season.